Ten Pharma Mnemonics that Can Be Your Friend

Drugs and their active ingredients are to interpreting what speed bumps are to driving. Suddenly a word is being uttered that is the diametric opposite of a household name. A total bogey. And it is  essential you get it right, not just for the sake of thorough, quality interpreting, but because the maker of that drug, or their closest competitor, may be listening. And probably is.

Here are a few pharma mnemonics that have helped me out. Even so, no one is immune from the ultimate pharma sucker-punch.
Trade name/active ingredient

1. Aromasin/exemestane - smell's like my ex made a mess

2. Avastin/bevacizumab - the sea's a vast beverage

3. Humira/adalimumab - addle them with humor

4. Sutent/sunitinib - Sonny's in his tent

5. Tykerb/lapatinib – Ty threw a curve ball at his lap
6. Enbrel/etanercept – intercept the inbreds
7. Kivexa/abacavir+lamivudine – Kevin bought some lamb for the bacchanal
8. Mabthera/rituximab - Magnum wears a tux
9. Stelara/ustekinumab – You’re stuck in the mud and see a star
10. Truvada/emtricitabine+tenofovir – “It’s true!” entreated the tenor
and a special Holiday bonus mnemonic...
11. Navelbine/vinorelbine – Wine and navy beans